Fried Egg over Pancetta Kale

Another Sunday brunch post! I wanted a light morning meal before yoga so I whipped up this pancetta kale base for my fried egg.  I typically have Trader Joe’s frozen spinach stocked in my freezer, but this week I ate it all up (just call me Popeye…) and my husband bought me the frozen kale because the spinach was all out of stock. Organic AND non-organic…both out of stock! I asked whether they had some sort of a mad dash on spinach. They said it was a supplier issue.  But still, what a thing to run out of.  Maybe there is hope for Americans after all! Call off the obesity epidemic, looks like people are eating spinach by the truck full over here in my neighborhood! Can you imagine the plight of some all natural yuppie mom when she discovered that only non-organic spinach was left in the Trader Joe’s frozen aisle? Disaster.

Anyway, I had to use kale in my breakfast. Trader Joe’s frozen kale is … palatable.  It’s kale guys, let’s not expect too much.  I generally prefer the taste of spinach to kale, so I typically have to doctor up the kale a lot more (read: add much more cheese to it) to make it taste good.  Like fresh kale, it’s just a little bitter and citrusy.  If you like that, good on ya.  If you don’t, try this recipe with pancetta, and I bet you will find the kale a little more delicious than usual!

Chef’s Note: If you really do not like kale, you probably won’t like this recipe.  If you do not love kale or are feeding this to guests who are not on some type of healthy spa retreat where they expect to only be eating foods with at least 7 vitamins and minerals, I would increase the amount of pancetta you use.  I went light on it because I was cooking for myself, as I know many of you are, and I wanted it to be healthy.

This morning I was dining alone, so the recipe is only for one. Double it if you are cooking for you, or you could easily make this for any number of people by increasing the quantity of ingredients used.

Fried Egg with Pancetta Kale

14 - 25


14 - 30

1 large egg

1 1/2 cups TJ frozen kale, defrosted

1/3 package TJ pancetta

2 tbsp. TJ fat free crumbled feta

TJ red pepper flakes, to taste

Salt and pepper, to taste


1. Cook the pancetta over high heat until it turns crispy and brown, about 4 minutes.14 - 35

2. Microwave the kale until hot.

3. Remove the pancetta from the pan and mix with the kale, feta, and red pepper flakes.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Chef’s note: What you do with the fat rendered from the pancetta here is I removed the pancetta without most of its fat and then used a paper towel to remove most — but not all — of the fat from the pan.  Then I fried my egg in the small amount of fat left, really just a light coating on the pan.  You could also leave all that fat, creating a delicious, actually “fried” egg. This is what I would do if I were cooking for guests (aside from the spa retreat hypothetical raised above).  You could also pour all the fat into the kale. That’s for people who really don’t like kale…

4. Fry the egg to your liking — over easy, over medium, over hard, whatever you like!

14 - 19

5. Spoon the kale mixture onto a plate. Top with the egg. Serve!

14 - 25



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