Product Review: Trader Joe’s Coffee

To accompany my Sunday brunch, I whipped up a little Trader Joe’s coffee taste test to see if I could tell a difference between two coffees we recently purchased.  The husband and I used to drink some expensive fancy schmancy fair trade coffee purchased from our neighborhood coffee shop, which was admittedly better than any other coffee I’ve ever bought, but we decided some time ago to stop splurging on that and just get it at Trader Joe’s.  The selection is pretty diverse at our neighborhood store, and many of the varieties we have purchased are quite good.

Today we are sampling:

Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Shade Grown Ethiopian Coffee

This coffee is very smooth, well balanced and light.  It has fruity notes that are subtle but add some complexity to each sip.  This is a great everyday drinking coffee.  It is perfect for someone who likes a lighter blend.  It is also fair trade, so you can feel good about purchasing it. 14 - 7

Star Rating:3 stars

100% Kauai Medium Roast

This coffee was more expensive than the Ethiopian blend, per pound, and I thought it was superior to the Ethiopian coffee.  This has a more full-bodied flavor while still being light and nutty. My vote goes out to this Kauai coffee! Mmm, now I just have to pretend I’m sipping it on the islands…!14 - 54

Star Rating:4 stars


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