Product Review: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Does this product really need a review? … you might ask. To that I say, no not really. But I am giving you one anyway.

These things are amazing. They really don’t NEED a review because the name itself sells these babies…what could sound better that dark chocolate filled with sugary peanut butter? But I see my review as playing more of a supporting role here. This review may not be your first indication that dark chocolate peanut butter cups are exactly what you need more of in your life, but if you were on the fence about it at all, my review is going to push you over the edge. 14 - 48

I walked by these bad boys for months at my local TJs without buying them. They were always lined up on the shelves on what I call the dieter’s tunnel of doom. You know what I’m talking about, that stretch by the check out line where they sell all the snacks and sweets, where impulse buys are happening left and right, like a war zone for diets. I took marketing before, I get the point-of-sale selling technique, but somehow TJ’s tactics just didn’t work on me. I think that by setting up all the bad food there in that aisle, they were making me LESS likely to buy it.  Simply by virtue of it being on the shelves along the checkout line, I knew it was off limits. In addition, the checkout line is so PUBLIC! The girl behind you silently watching you pull the candy off the shelf, slowly put it back, then snatch it up again like a five year old with no will power? I don’t need those judging looks. Oh no, is wasn’t touching the shelf of slothful sweets for anything.

UNTIL….. One day when some magical point-of-sale marketing voodoo came over me and I out these dark chocolate peanut butter cups in my basket. And boy am I glad I did. I am still in my first container, but oh baby….they are just fabulous.

These candies make Reese’s peanut butter cups look like a joke. The outside dark chocolate shell of this TJ’s variety is hard and satisfyingly crunchy. Not to mention that it is DARK chocolate instead of milk chocolate. If you prefer milk chocolate, I judge you and please save these peanut butter cups for me.

The inside is a smooth sugary peanut butter, just like a Reese’s. The whole thing can be eaten in a bite or two, but they are sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings with only one or two cups. I have not yet gone wild eating these all at once, but if that happens, I will report back on the danger we are all under in connection with the continued marketing of this product 🙂

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